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TOP 100

Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition (AGP)


2022 AGP China Top 100 Ranking


AGP China Top 100 Information

  • AGP China Top 100 is a competition specially for the candidates who live in Mainland China.

  • Candidates can join the competition by submitting their videos.

  • Jury will score and choose the top 20 candidates from 5 divisions.

  • Top 100 candidates will be listed on the AGP website.

  • Top 20 candidates from each division will receive award plaques.

  • Excellent candidates will have chances to advance to AGP Finals.


AGP China Top 100 Registration

  • Registration period:  20 June ~ 31 July, 2022 (Hong Kong time)

  • Video Audition registration fee: HK$1,800 per candidate

  • Candidates must complete the online AGP Video Audition Registration Form VIA DANCE INSTITUTE, and settle the required fee by PayPal or credit card on or before the listed due date.

  • Candidates need to upload the video following the instructions from AGP by the due date.