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BIP Ballet and Repertoire Class Instructor

芭蕾培訓計劃 – 古典芭蕾舞和劇目舞蹈導師

Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Manila


Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is the first foreigner to be invited as Soloist at the historic Kirov (Mariinsky) Ballet in 1984. She has achieved a dream that is generally believed to be impossible for a classical ballerina in the Philippines – bringing ballet to the people and people to the ballet. Undoubtedly the most phenomenal ballerina the country has ever produced, she has had an unparalleled career best summed up by these numbers: 28 years of dancing the lead in over 300 full-length ballets, performed in 90 cities that span five continents around the globe. She is also the first Filipino ballerina to bring home a laureate prize – a silver medal – from the 1987 Asia-Pacific Ballet Competition in Tokyo.


In 1995, she established her own company, Ballet Manila, together with perennial partner Osias Barroso and ten other young dancers. Ballet Manila has since grown and flourished into the most sought-after and most prolific professional Filipino ballet company, clocking more than 5,530 local and 220 foreign performances in the past 23 years.


After her retirement as a professional ballerina in 2014, Macuja-Elizalde has ventured into choreography with her full length versions of Cinderella and Snow White. She is currently working on The Sleeping Beauty to complete her Princess Trilogy.


Offstage, Macuja Elizalde is recognized for her vision and leadership in the local arts community.  As an arts educator and advocate, she has received multiple awards from the academe, government, private and NGO sectors.  Her groundbreaking art and culture talk show, Art 2 Art, which airs weekly over DZRH and RHTV has won trophies from the Catholic Mass Media Awards, the KBP Golden Dove Awards, and Gawad Tanglaw.  Macuja Elizalde is also the founder of Project Ballet Futures (PBF) – an internationally recognized community scholarship program that provides free Vaganova training and performance opportunities to gifted but underprivileged public school students.


Lisa Macuja-Elizalde 於1984年獲邀成為歷史悠久的基洛夫(馬林斯基)芭蕾舞團的首位外藉獨舞員,並實現了一個普遍被認為是菲律賓古曲芭蕾舞員的不可能的夢想 - 把芭蕾舞帶進人民,把人民帶進芭蕾舞。  她無疑是菲律賓所培育的最有名氣的女芭蕾舞者,她擁有非凡的職業生涯, 包括28年間演出超過300齣長篇芭蕾舞劇的主要角色,曾跨越五大洲的90個城市演出。  她也是菲律賓首位女芭蕾舞者為國家帶來超卓的榮譽 - 在1987年亞太區芭蕾舞大賽奪得銀牌。


在1995年,她與多年的合作夥伴Osias Barroso 及十位年輕舞蹈家一起成立了她自己的舞團 - 馬尼拉芭蕾舞團。  自此,馬尼拉芭蕾舞團發展篷勃,廣受歡迎和演出頻密,在過去23年,舞團超過5,530埸本地表演及220場海外演出。


在2014年,她退出舞台後便投入编排長篇芭蕾舞劇目《灰姑娘》和《白雪公主》。   目前,她正致力编排《睡美人》,以完成她的公主三部曲。


在舞台外,Macuja-Elizalde因在本地藝術界的遠見及領導力而獲得表揚,曾獲得學術界、政府、私營及非牟利機構頒授獎項。   她更突破性地主持文化藝術電台清談節目"藝術至藝術",節目每週在DZRH及RHTV 播出,該節目亦屢獲殊榮,包括天主教大眾傳媒大獎、KBP金鴿獎及Gawad Tanglaw獎。  Macuja-Elizalde

是Project Ballet Futures的創辦人,這是一項國際公認的社團獎學金計劃,為有天賦但貧困的公立學校學生提供免費瓦加諾娃式的訓練。