AGP Ballet Intensive Programme (BIP) 2018

Online Registration​ 芭蕾培訓計劃網上報名 

Children Level (Age 7-8)  

兒童組 (7至8歲)個人


- 報名日期為4月1日至5月31日

- 名額先到先得

- 請以英文填寫

- 請填上參加者資料及健康紀錄 

- 上載大頭照及身份證或旅遊證件副本 

- 以 Paypal 或信用卡繳交報名費:​

  • 報名費每名參加者港幣 HK$3,800

- 收取已提交資料的副本電郵

- 收取確認電郵 

- 如完成報名後想更改已提交的資料,請發送電郵至

Online Registration Guidance:

- Register on 1st April to 31st May

- First-come-first-serve 

- Fill in the form in English. 

- Fill in candidate information and health history 

- Upload headshot photo and ID/Travel Document copy 

- Settle payment by Paypal or Credit Card:

  • Registration  Fee HKD$3,800 per person

- Receive a copy of submitted form email 

- Receive email confirmation  

- If you want to change information after submission,

  please send an email to