CHAN, Roy  陳偉德

BIP Body Conditioning Class Tutor

芭蕾培訓計劃 – 體能訓練導師

Consultant of Sports Medicine & Health Science


Roy Chan is former artist of Hong Kong Ballet and former artist of the Singapore Dance Theatre.      He is an expert in sports injury prevention and recovery.  Graduated in Sports Massage Therapy at the Utah College in U.S.A., Roy was a sports massage therapist at The Hong Kong Sports Institute for elite athletes of the Hong Kong representative teams 2003 to 2012.  He was on the medical staff for the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, working with triathletes, rowers, cyclists, and medalist Sarah Lee of the Hong Kong Cycling Team in the London Game of 2012.


Roy furthered his studies and obtained a master degree in Sports Medicine & Health Science in 2011 from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  He is also a qualified strength and conditioning coach, and completed a course in Polestar’s Rehabilitation Pilates.


Roy hosted seminars at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Jean M. Wong School of Ballet for the teachers’ summer course of the Royal Academy of Dance.  He offered lectures of sports injury prevention and recovery at the Lingnan University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association and the summer course of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

陳偉德曾是香港芭蕾舞團和新加坡舞蹈劇團的舞蹈員,也是預防運動創傷和康復治療的專家。  他畢業於美國猶他州立大學,於2003至2012年間出任香港體育學院香港代表隊精英運動員的運動按摩治療師。   在2012年,他在倫敦奧運出任香港體育總會與奧運委員會的醫療員,照顧多名三項鐵人運動員、賽艇運動員和單車手,當中包括獎牌得主香港單車代表隊中李慧詩。




他曾在香港演藝學院和王仁曼芭蕾舞學校為教師舉辦的皇家舞蹈學院暑期課程上演講。  亦曾為香港嶺南大學、香港體育協會及香港演藝學院的暑期課程提供預防運動創傷和康復治療的講座。