BIP Ballet, Character Dance and Contemporary Class Instructor

芭蕾培訓計劃 – 古典芭蕾舞、性格舞和現代舞導師

International Choreographer and Teacher


Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Birkadze trained at the National Academy of Dance of Tbilisi with Vakhtang Chabukiany. He was invited to attend the Bolshoi Ballet Academy under the direction of Genady Ladiah where he graduated with Honours in Classical Ballet, Pas de Deux, and Traditional Dance. Birkadze was awarded the Gold Medal in Moscow in World History and Literature. Upon graduating from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, he furthered his studies as a Pedagogy in Dance.  

Birkadze has danced and choreographed throughout Europe with an international career dancing for the Bolshoi Ballet, Kremlin Ballet, Corella Ballet de España.   He was appointed Artistic Director of BMK Company, bringing elite dancers from around the world to perform in their galas.

As a choreographer, Birkadze has created numerous works for famed Angel Corella, among other world renowned companies and individual dancers.  Birkadze has also worked extensively on opera productions rising to Assistant of Production at the Gran Teatro de Liceo, and Assistant Choreographer to David McVicar.  He has also worked closely with Christopher Wheeldon, Natalia Makarova, and performed works especially by Twyla Tharp, George Balanchine, and Stanton Welch to critical acclaim.  

He has since created new works for companies throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States.  Currently, Birkadze is based out of Boston, MA, working at the Boston Ballet while he continues to travel internationally for his choreography and other artistic ventures.

Birkadze出生於佐治亞州的第比利斯,在第比利斯國家舞蹈學院接受Vakhtang Chabukiany培訓。    他被邀請加入莫斯科大劇院芭蕾舞學院接受Genady Ladiah指導,畢業時獲得古典芭蕾舞、 Pas de Deux和傳統舞蹈榮譽學位。  Birkadze在莫斯科亦獲得世界歷史和文學金獎。  於莫斯科大劇院芭蕾舞學院畢業後,他繼續學習舞蹈教學方法。


Birkadze在歐洲各地演出和編舞,當中包括莫斯科大劇院芭蕾舞團、克里姆林宮芭蕾舞團,Corella Ballet de España。  他曾擔任BMK公司的藝術總監,網羅世界各地的舞蹈精英在公司的晚會上表演。


作為一名編舞家,Birkadze為著名的Angel Corella及其他世界知名公司和舞蹈員創作了許多作品。   他亦在歌劇製作方面有豐富經驗,在Gran Teatro de Liceo躍升為製作助理,亦為David McVicar 擔任助理編舞家。  他與Christopher Wheeldon、Natalia Makarova有著密切的合作關係,特別是Twyla Tharp、George Balanchine和Stanton Welch的作品獲得了一致好評。


他的新作品遍及歐洲、東南亞和美國。   他現居於波士頓並在波士頓芭蕾舞團工作,同時他繼續為藝術發展遊訪各國。

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