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Due to the COVID-19 situation we have already postponed the competition schedule a few times.  Unfortunately, several cities are still seriously affected by the pandemic.  Considering the safety of every candidate, AGP Committee decided to adjust the schedule one more time to fit the affected candidates’ needs.


The updated schedule of Asian Grand Prix 2021 are listed below:


Global Regional:


Video Submission 8 September ~ 28 October, 2021

Result Announcement 18 November, 2021

* Candidates can submit your video multiple times depending on the lockdown situation in your area.  Please let us know in advance if you want to resubmit your video, we will delete the old one and get the link ready for your resubmission.




Registration & Video Submission 18 November ~ 9 December, 2021

Result Announcement 26 December, 2021

*  You can use either the same video with Global Regional or can prepare the new recording for Final.  You must prepare the contemporary piece as well, if you did not join during Global Regional.


We hope the above changes will give everyone a ease.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Stay Safe, we look forward to seeing your performance!!


由於 COVID-19 的情況,我們已經多次順延了比賽日程。 不幸的是,一些城市仍然受到疫情的嚴重影響。 考慮到每位參賽者的安全,AGP籌委會決定再次調整時間表以配合受影響參賽者的需要。


亞洲國際芭蕾舞大賽2021 將順延到以下日期:




上載錄像      2021年9月8日至10月28日

結果公佈      2021年11月18日

* 您可以根據您所在地區的封鎖情況多次上載您的錄像。 如果您想重新上載錄像,請提前告知我們,我們將刪除舊錄像並準備好鏈接供您重新上載。




報名 及 上載錄像 2021年11月18日至12月9日

結果公佈 2021年12月26日

* 您可以使用在區域賽上載的錄像,也可以為總決賽準備新錄像。 如果您沒有在區域賽參與現代芭蕾獨舞,於總決賽中都必須準備現代芭蕾獨舞的錄像。