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GOH, Soo Khim 吴素琴

Member of Jury


Director of Singapore Ballet Academy

Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Singapore Dance Theatre (1988 to 2008)


新加坡舞蹈劇場的共同創辦人兼藝術總監 (1988 - 2008)

Goh Soo Khim trained at the Singapore Ballet Academy and the Australian Ballet School. She is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the Singapore Dance Theatre (1988 – 2008). A highly respected figure in Singapore’s dance scene, she is closely associated with the development of Ballet in Singapore and was instrumental in developing SDT from a fledgling company of seven members, into one of the leading dance theatres in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region during her tenor.


Over the years, she has nurtured and provided opportunities for numerous young artists to fulfil their artistic and creative potentials.


Soo Khim was awarded the prestigious Cultural Medallion in 1981 and the National Day Public Service Medal in 1989 for her outstanding contributions to the development of dance in Singapore. In 2009, she was conferred the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Dance. In 2017, she was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions in dance by the Asian Grand Prix (Hong Kong).


Goh Soo Khim曾在新加坡芭蕾舞學院和澳洲芭蕾舞學校接受培訓。   在1988 至2008 年期間, 她擔任新加坡舞蹈劇場的共同創辦人兼藝術總監,在新加坡舞蹈界中被受推崇的人物。   她對新加坡芭蕾舞發展有著密切關係,並將最初只有七位成員的新公司發展為在新加坡和亞太區的出色舞蹈劇團。




在1981年, Goh 被獲頒著名的文化獎章,並於1989在國慶日中被頒發獎章,以表揚她為新加坡舞蹈發展的傑出貢獻。  在2009年,她獲皇家舞蹈學院頒授榮譽院士,並在2017年,在亞洲國際芭蕾舞大賽中榮獲終生成就獎。