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ROWE, Marilyn AM OBE

Member of Jury

Former Director of The Australian Ballet School


In 1964 Marilyn Rowe was one of the first students accepted into the Australian Ballet School’s inaugural two-year course; she joined The Australian Ballet in 1965 at the insistence of Dame Peggy van Praagh.

In 1969 Marilyn Rowe was promoted to Principal Artist. In 1971 Rudolf Nureyev coached Rowe and Coe in the leading roles of his production of Don Quixote for their debut in New York and in 1973 they won individual Silver Medals, and the prize for the most outstanding couple at the Second International Ballet Competition in Moscow. Works created for her include Tetley”s ‘Gemini’, Hyndes ’The Merry Widow’, Prokovsly’s ‘Anna Karenina’ and Moiseyev’s ’The Last Vision.


In 1978 she became the first Australian ballerina to be invited to perform with the Bolshoi, Riga and Vilnius ballet companies.


In 1980 Marilyn Rowe was awarded the Order of the British Empire, OBE, for services to dance.


In 1981, Marilyn Rowe was appointed to the position of Artistic Advisor, Ballet Director and Acting Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet.  The following year she was appointed Director of The Dancers Company.  She is the recipient of two Green Room Awards and an ADAMS Award for most outstanding dancer.


In 1990 she was appointed Artistic Advisor and Specialist Coach to The Australian Ballet School and a member of its Industry Advisory Board. She was appointed a Director of The Australian Ballet’s Board in 1994 and Director of The Australian Ballet School in 1999, a position she held for 16 years. In 2003 she was included in the First Victorian Honour Roll for Women, which honours her contribution to Victoria and the Nation.


In 2013 Marilyn received the Lord Mayor’s Certificate of Commendation presented by the City of Melbourne; in 2014 she was honoured with a plaque, by being included in The Walk of Fame as part of Melbourne Arts Walk.  In 2015 The Australian Ballet School’s residence was named Marilyn Rowe House in her honour and she received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Australian Dance Awards. Marilyn has been a member of the jury for the Prix de Lausanne, The Youth America Grand Prix, The Asian Pacific International Ballet Competition and the Beijing International Ballet Competition for Dance Schools. In 2016 Marilyn Rowe was appointed an Honorary Life Member of The Australian Ballet.


In 2017 Marilyn was made a Member of the Order of Australia.


Marilyn Rowe 於1964年進入澳洲芭蕾舞學校,是兩年制課程的首批學生之一。她於1965年獲珮姬.范布拉夫人(Dame Peggy van Praagh)熱烈邀請,加入澳洲芭蕾舞團。


在1969年,Marilyn Rowe 晉升為首席舞蹈員,並於 1971年得雷里耶夫(Rudolf Nureyev)指導,與 Coe 在耶夫所制作並於紐約演出的唐吉訶德(Don Quixote)中,首次擔任該劇男女主角。他們於1973年的莫斯科第二屆國際芭蕾舞比賽中,獲得個人銀牌及最傑出舞伴獎。此外,為她創作的作品包括Tetley的“雙子座 (Gemini)”,Hyndes的“風流寡婦 (The Merry Widow)”,Prokovsly的“安娜·卡列尼娜 (Anna Karenina)”和Moiseyev的“The Last Vision”。


Marilyn Rowe 於1980年獲授大英帝國勳章的官佐勳章(OBE),以表揚她在舞蹈界的貢獻。




Marilyn Rowe於1981年被任命為澳洲芭蕾舞團藝術顧問、芭蕾舞總監及署理藝術總監。  次年,她獲委為舞蹈員舞團總監。   她獲得了兩次澳洲綠屋獎(Green Room Award),及 ADAMS最優秀舞蹈家獎。


1990年,她被任命為澳洲芭蕾舞學校藝術顧問及特別專業指導,她也是學校的行業顧問團成員。  她於1994年獲邀為澳洲芭蕾舞團董事會成員,並於1999年起擔任澳洲芭蕾舞學校總監達16年之久。  在2003年,她榮獲首屆維多利亞省傑出婦女獎,以表揚她對澳洲維多利亞省和國家的貢獻。


Marilyn 於2013年獲得墨爾本市市長頒發的市長表彰證書。  在2014年,她被列入墨爾本藝術之路的“名人堂”之一,名字獲刻在牌匾上。  在2015年,澳洲芭蕾舞學校的宿舍以她命名 (Marilyn Rowe House),同年她在澳洲舞蹈獎頒獎禮獲終身成就獎。Marilyn亦是瑞士洛桑國際芭蕾舞比賽、美國青年芭蕾舞大獎賽、亞太國際芭蕾舞比賽和北京國際舞蹈院校芭蕾舞比賽的評委。  在2016年,Marilyn Rowe 獲委任為澳洲芭蕾舞團的名譽終生會員。