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Mike WANG 王泳

Regionals Jury

Former Principal Dancer of Hong Kong Ballet


Mike Wang received his ballet training at the Shanghai Ballet School and graduated in 1988.  He received a scholarship to study at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1989 and has attained a high certificate in choreography in the following year.  He traveled extensively during his dance career. Between 1990 and 1993, he performed as a Soloist Dancer at “Le Jeune Ballet de France” in Paris and at “Le Compagnie Jean-Christophe Maillot” in Tours, France.  He joined Hong Kong Ballet in 1993.

From 1993 to 2003, Mike performed as Principal Dancer for the Hong Kong Ballet, taking on principal roles such as The Nutcracker (Prince), Paquita, Giselle (Albrecht), La Sylphide (James), Cinderella (Prince), La Fille Mal Gardee (Colas - by F. Ashton and H. Spoerli), Swan Lake (Prince), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Oberon - by B. Steivel), Unknown Territory (The Man - by Choo San Goh), Anna Karenina (Vronsky - by A. Prokovsky), Concerto Pas de Deux (by K. Mcmillan), Tow Pigeons (Artist - by F. Ashton), The Last Emperor (Pu Yi - by Wayne Eagling). and La Bayadere (Solor - by D. Weller).

In 2003, Mr. Wang was featured as one of the “Outstanding Dance Artists” in the “Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame” by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.  He is currently the Ballet Master of Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition, and the Senior Ballet Teacher of Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy.

王泳於一九八八年於上海芭蕾舞學校畢業, 翌年獲得奬學金於香港演藝學院深造,並取得編舞高級證書課程。 一九九零年至一九九三年期間於法國巴黎青少年芭蕾團及法國Jean-Christophe Maillot舞蹈團的任獨舞員。在他的舞蹈生涯期間於多國隨團演出。

王泳於一九九三年至二零零三年期間出任香港芭蕾舞團的首席舞蹈員,曾演出多個主要角色,包括胡桃夾子的王子、帕基塔的魯西昂、吉賽爾的亞爾巴特、仙凡之戀的詹姆斯、仙履奇緣的王子、女大不忠留的哥拉斯、天鵝湖的齊格弗里德王子、仲夏夜之夢的仙王奧布朗、 吳諸珊的作品Unknown Territory、安娜・卡列尼娜舞劇的年輕軍官佛倫斯基(Vronsky - by A. Prokovsky)、肯尼斯・麥克米蘭的作品雙人舞協奏、 Two Pigeons 兩隻鴿子(Artist - by F. Ashton) 、末代皇帝的溥儀 (by Wayne Eagling) 及舞姫的戰士索羅爾 (by D. Weller)。


二零零三年, 王泳於香港藝術發展局舉辦之香港傑出舞䧟藝術家名錄中被留名為最傑出舞蹈員。王泳現為香港青年芭蕾舞專業訓練中心舞蹈教師及亞洲國際芭蕾舞大賽藝術指導。