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Guidelines for Collecting Personal Data

According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition (AGP) adopts the following policies to ensure that the personal data of web users are kept confidential. Please read this article carefully before providing relevant personal information to our Competition. Purpose of collecting personal information: We will process your service application to our Competition based on the personal information you provide. The provision of personal data is voluntary. If you fail to provide sufficient personal information, the Competition may not be able to process your application or provide you with services. Please make sure that the information you provide is correct and inform us of any changes to the information.


Types of persons who have been

informed of personal information are limited to the staff of the Competition at work. The staff of the Competition will only disclose such information to the following parties when necessary:

  1. Other related aspects involved in evaluating your service application or providing services to you, such as government departments, non-governmental organizations, and public utility companies;

  2. The person or organization to whom you agree to disclose information; or

  3. Relevant parties authorized by law or directed to disclose information.


Access and correction of personal data

Except for the exemptions provided by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data stored by the Competition. Your right of access includes obtaining a copy of the relevant documents after submitting the application form and paying the fee.

If you have any inquiries about the above-mentioned personal data collection methods, access and correction of personal data, please contact us. 







  1. 其他涉及評估你的服務申請或向你提供服務的有關方面,例如政府部門、非政府機構、公用事業公司;

  2. 你同意向其披露資料的人士、機構;或

  3. 由法律授權或定向其披露資料的有關方面。



除個人資料 ( 私隱 ) 條例規定的豁免外,你有權要求查閱及改正本比賽存有關於你的個人資料。你的查閱權利包括在遞交申請表格及支付費用後,得到有關資料文件複本。