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Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition (AGP)


2024 AGP Video Audition


AGP Video Audition Information

  • Candidates who cannot join Regional Competition may choose to participate in Video Audition as a means of being invited to the AGP Finals

  • Selected candidates to enter AGP Finals will be announced on the AGP website and social media on 14 June 2024.


AGP Video Audition Registration

  • Registration closes once the division quota is full.

  • Video Submission: by 20 May 2024 (Hong Kong time)

  • Video Audition registration fee: HK$1,900 per candidate

  • Video Audition is held for the purpose of selecting the candidates to the AGP Finals only, NO PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN. 

Video Requirements

1. Video criteria

  • Separate individual video is required: 1x Class / 1x Classical Ballet solo

  • Full body of the candidate must be visible at any time.

  • Video image and sound must be high quality and consistent, and must be a live audio recording.

  • Class video must be within 3 minutes and must be filmed from the front of the candidate.

  • Class video female candidates must perform in soft ballet shoes.

  • Classical Ballet solo video must be filmed from the front of the candidate.

  • Classical Ballet solo female candidates aged 9 to 14 must perform in soft ballet shoes; aged 15 to 19 must perform in pointe shoes.

  • Classical Ballet solo must be selected from the AGP Variation List and performed in AGP music.

  • Video of previous stage performance is not accepted.

  • The video must be newly recorded. 

  • Demanding level of movements must be according to the age and ability of the candidate.

  • Each video must be within 250 MB in MP4 format and uploaded to a link provided by the AGP committee.

  • Each video must be named with Candidate No. followed by “Class” or “Classical solo”.

  • Candidates must upload a video according to the AGP Video Audition Requirements through the assigned link on or before the cut-off date.


2. Class Video contents

Class Video Demonstration For Registered Candidates Only

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