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Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition (AGP) is an educational journey for young ballet dancers, primarily in Asia-Pacific region, to demonstrate their talent and learn from international dance experts. Outstanding dancers are recognized by awards and scholarships to assist them with their dance training and career development.



亞洲國際芭蕾舞大賽(AGP)於2011年成立,是一個每年讓亞洲舞者向國際芭蕾舞專家學習及於台上大展身手的平台。 2017年開始於比賽的一週內引入古典和現代芭蕾舞課,以鼓勵參賽者專注於學習經驗來提升自我,減輕明爭暗鬥的比拚壓力。






Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition (AGP) was founded in 2011 as an annual platform for international dancers to learn from and be recognized by a panel of international ballet experts. Classical and contemporary ballet classes were introduced in 2017 throughout the week of the competition to encourage candidates to focus on the learning experience rather than paying attention entirely to competing.


In 2018, AGP reached out to multiple Asia Pacific cities, introducing regional competitions for the first time. AGP regionals were hosted in 12 cities in 2019, allowing over a thousand dancers to enjoy AGP classes and performing experience. Over the years, 4 Grand Prix, 10 Youth Grand Prix cash awards and over a hundred scholarships of renounced international ballet schools have been offered to talented dancers to pursue their dance education and professional career.


AGP Ballet Intensive Program (BIP) was added in 2012 as an additional week of dance training alongside the competition week. Students participate in classical ballet, repertoire, contemporary ballet, character dance, body conditioning classes, and present a performance at the end of the week. Over two hundred BIP scholarships have been awarded to dancers demonstrating exceptional talent and potential in ballet.




Chairman - SO Hon Wah 
President - Virginia DE BLANK-WUN
Ballet Master                   Mike WANG 
Ballet Mistress                  Eriko OCHIAI 
Ballet Mistress                  Ayako FUJIOKA 
Administrative Manager     Miyuki AIKAWA 
Accounting Manager         Patrick Cheung 
Marketing Officer              Pansy LO 
Executive Secretary            Maggie TANG 
Event Supervisor                Veronica YIP 
Health Consultant              Roy W. T.  CHAN
Graphic Design                Jennifer YEUNG 
主席​ - 蘇漢華
總監 - 尹立冰
藝術指導                     王泳
藝術指導                     落合恵利子
藝術指導                     藤岡綾子
行政經理                     相川美由樹
會計經理                     張顯揚
市場發展主任               盧盼之
主要文書                     鄧美琪
活動主任                     葉美玲
健康顧問                     陳偉德
平面設計                     楊惠芬

Award History



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