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Asian Grand Prix is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020. We will be hosting 16 regional competitions in Asia Pacific cities. Contemporary ballet and group ballet will be added as new elements. We are introducing the Performance divisions for dancers age 9 to 13, who will focus on performing at their best in soft shoes and be awarded by individual score achievement. Dancers age 14 to 19 in Competitive Junior & Senior divisions will challenge themselves in both classical and contemporary ballet, to be recognized by scholarship offers, medals, and the Asian Grand Prix Awards. A 10th anniversary gala performance is in the planning to feature former AGP winners. See you all in 2020!


亞洲國際芭蕾舞大賽將於2020年慶祝10週年紀念。我們於來年將舉行十六個區域賽。比賽將加入現代芭蕾和群舞元素。9至13歲的舞者將轉為表演組別,穿著芭蕾軟鞋專注地演譯出最好的表演,並以個人得分為得獎指標。競賽初級和高級組別的14至19歲的舞者將以古典和現代芭蕾舞挑戰自我,爭取獲頒獎學金,獎牌和亞洲國際大獎的機會。 10週年慶典表演正在計劃中,前優勝者將聚首於台上大展舞技。 2020年見!

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