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Regional Competitions by Video
AGP 2019 Sansha Prize_ Pre-Competitive B
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Asian Grand Prix 2020 Video Competition


encouragement to dancers:


  • PASSION FOR BALLET! ~ we know your passion is there no matter how the global situation is changing.

  • KEEP DANCING! ~ we hope you can keep your physical and mental wellbeing at home or at studio.

  • PARTICIPATE! ~ join AGP Online Lessons or Video Competition if you can.

  • OPPORTUNITY! ~ we hope to offer you a chance to be  rewarded with awards and scholarship.

  • DON'T GIVE UP! ~ if you registered but cannot join us this year, you can postpone to next year.

AGP 2020 錄像比賽


  • 對芭蕾有熱誠! 〜無論全球形勢如何變化,我們了解您的熱誠還在。

  • 繼續跳舞! 〜我們希望您能夠在家中或舞蹈室繼續跳舞,保持身心健康。

  • 多多參與! 〜如果可以,請參加AGP網上課程或錄像比賽。

  • 爭取機會! 〜我們希望為您提供獲得獎勵和獎學金的機會。

  • 不要放棄! 〜如果您已經註冊了但未能加今年比賽,我們可以將您的參與推遲到明年。

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